Jeanne- The Last Hurrah

    Friends – Please find the time to read this blog from her first post to Jeanne’s final entry. It tells of a journey of love-a love of life of a person who cherished life and faced it with passion, positivity, guts and caring for her fellow man. I along with her sisters was present when Jeanne took her final breath. She had a peaceful look to her as she slowly closed her eyes and went to sleep. It was the final part of her journey on this earth and I thank her for shuffling down that path to meet me so many years ago.

            Carpe Diem –  Jeanne 



Regrets? Nahhhhh!

No regrets. And so thankful that I got those front teeth capped which inspired me to smile so much!

Thank you all for understanding that I don’t have the stamina for individual conversations and visits.  I leave you in Ricks capable hands to relay messages-and he reads them all to me.

I did as much advocacy work as I could muster on M.A.I.D.  I leave it you to continue as you see fit.  

Volunteer for a community group that is setting up a hospice near you.

Talk to your friends And family about MAID.

Eat more chocolate if that therapy suits you

Dying is just a part of living.  Have fun with it. Have a party! Have TWO parties! Check out some of the links I’ve put on FB

Hugs to all, kisses to all, play nice, and ,,,,,



Thank You All (from Rick)

My words cannot express the amount of joy and comfort that Jeanne is getting from your posts  on Facebook and her Blog. In the past few months Jeanne has asked herself and me what legacy if any she would leave behind. It is quite evident that she has touched the hearts of many people in special ways. Please keep them coming as we read them all.

If you know Jeanne you will understand how difficult it was for her to stop visitiors.She has never shied away from conversation with anyone. Physical and emotional stress at this time drain the energy that she requires to get through these days.Without getting into specifics-she requires all of her available energy to complete her journey.You know she loves you all. 

Please keep posting.

My heartfelt thanks……Rick

So Long, Farewell

I have been blessed with wonderful friends and family. I hope you will carry on my dream of making death as beautiful as life is. Share the good stories,share the laughter and share the tears – it is party time. 

My time for visiting in done. Your time for partying must now begin.This is my wish.

If you have questions about visiting please call Rick through the hospital switchboard.